WEST End Restaurant Seeks Permission To Open Later

18 December, 2018 | News

PLANNERS are being asked to allow longer opening hours for Glasgow West End restaurant Pianola.

At present the premises at 240 Crow Road have to close at 10pm. The new proposal seeks permission for the restaurant to stay open until midnight. Earlier this year Pianola was given permission for outdoor seating.

A resident who has objected to the later hours application states: “In common with others in the area, we have a young child, who sleeps in a room at the front of the building, and the expansion of the property in the application on to the pavement, and then opening until midnight, would substantially change the character of the area, and cause disruption and noise, making it more difficult, and far less peaceful to live here.

“Taxis pulling up to collect customers late at night, voices raised outside the restaurant while people try to have peace and sleep, will add to the inconvenience and disruption to our lives

“This will ruin the quality of life in the area and create friction between business and neighbours.

“Although, midnight is specified as the closing time requested, staff will be leaving later than this, so a substantial part of the night will be affected, with half the night of a child’s sleep pattern potentially disrupted.”

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