OUTSIDE Seating At West End Restaurant Approved At Second Attempt

8 November, 2018 | News

GLASGOW West End restaurant Pianola have been given permission for seating outside their premises at 240 Crow Road.

Councillors on the city council’s planning applications committee approved the plan despite a previous request being refused earlier this year.

There were 11 objections — including one from Broomhill Community Council. Those opposed fear problems with car-parking and illegally parked vehicles getting worse; pedestrian flow being restricted; passersby being exposed to cigarette smoke; and noise and anti-social behaviour.

There will be 40 chairs and 10 tables on the public footway, arranged as four four-seat tables along the Crow Road frontage and six four-seat tables along the Clarence Drive frontage.

A report by officials stated that the new proposal had been reduced in scale and had an amended layout compared with the one which was rejected. It continues: “It is considered that the current proposal adequately addresses the reasons for refusal.”

The width of unobstructed footway will be at least two metres.

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