CONSULTATION Starts On £250million ‘Charing Cross Gateway’ Transformation

16 August, 2023 | Major Developments

Elmbank Gardens

A 600-BED student complex is being proposed as part of a £250million masterplan for two prominent sites at Charing Cross in Glasgow City Centre.

Public consultation has started over the Charing Cross Gateway (CXG) proposals being drawn up by London & Scottish Property Investment Management Ltd.

The development would involve 300 Bath Street, previously known as Tay House, along with Elmbank Gardens, an office complex on the corner of Newton Street/Bath Street.

Planning permission in principle will be sought to cover both sites, followed by a detailed application for the Elmbank Gardens site to create student accommodation with approximately 600 beds.

300 Bath Street

The redevelopment of 300 Bath Street will form phase two providing residential units, offices, and public realm space.

The project website states: “We believe that CXG represents an opportunity to develop a masterplan for a key city centre interchange and encourage city centre living.

“Importantly, this will create a new gateway into the city that is currently not fit-for purpose and requires significant investment.

“If approved, CXG will see the creation of a high-quality, new community and a stand-out gateway to the city that is centred on placemaking and sustainability.”

The offices at Elmbank Gardens are described as no longer fit-for-purpose, requiring significant investment to breathe new life back into the space.

The developer hopes to have phase one ready to meet the student intake in 2028.

Plans for 300 Bath Street will be developed and delivered to align with the end of the current building’s lifespan, considered to be the mid-2030’s.

Two in-person consultation events will take place, on Tuesday 22 August, and on Tuesday 24 October, between 2 and 7pm at 300 Bath Street

In 2018 there was a proposal for a 22-storey residential block at the Elmbank Gardens site but this was not progressed.

The Elmbank Gardens site is next to Portcullis House which is the subject of a major plan for a high-rise student accommodation complex.

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