WORK Underway On Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery Plan For Glasgow

22 April, 2020 | News

PLANNING for how Glasgow can recover economically from the coronavirus pandemic has started.

Glasgow City Council and its partners will work to develop expert advice on how best the economy of the city and the surrounding region can be renewed and rebuilt once the recovery phase starts.

The council and its partners will come together in an emergency Covid-19 Recovery Group, made up of members of the Glasgow Economic Leadership, the Glasgow Partnership for Economic Growth, the Glasgow Economic Commission, and some external advisors.

The group’s membership will include: Councillor Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council; Professor Sara Carter, vice-principal of the University of Glasgow; Janice Kirkpatrick, director,  design consultancy Graven; Professor Sir Jim McDonald, principal of the University of Strathclyde and president of the Royal Academy of Engineering; Sir Anton Muscatelli, principal of the University of Glasgow; Mark Napier; managing director, global technology, JPMorgan Chase; Stuart Patrick, chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce; and Professor Graeme Roy, head of economics and director of the Fraser of Allander Institute at the University of Strathclyde.

As part of the work, the group will consider data on the potential economic impact of the pandemic; and what this impact will mean when taking action on issues such as investment, business support and employment.

At the end of this process, a report containing recommendations on the actions that will guide the economic recovery of the city and city region will be published.

Councillor Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council and chair of the Glasgow City Region Cabinet, said: “This pandemic has been a collective trauma such as our society and economy has not experienced in most of our lifetimes. But now is the time to plot our path to recovery so Glasgow can re-emerge prosperous, fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable.

“The Covid-19 Recovery Group mobilises our well-established ‘Team Glasgow’ approach. Our collective task is to build a city economy that really works for Glasgow’s people and its communities. The expertise of its membership and their capacity for collaboration, innovation and resilience as we seek to recover and renew will be invaluable.”

Principal of the University of Glasgow, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli said: “I’m pleased to have been asked by Councillor Aitken to serve on the Covid-19 Recovery Group, and look forward to working with partners from across the City to play our part in ensuring our economy recovers and reforms as swiftly as possible after the current crisis.

“Throughout our history, Glasgow has shown a remarkable ability to adapt socially and economically, and to utilise the skills of our people to continue to thrive in changing circumstances. The challenge facing us now is perhaps greater than ever before, but it is one that, with partners from government, innovative businesses and our universities working together, I am confident we can meet — and that we can ensure a recovery which works for all our citizens.”

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, principal of the University of Strathclyde and co-chair of Glasgow Economic Leadership, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in our lifetime and is having a huge impact on public health and economies around the world and here in Glasgow. How we support Glasgow’s economic recovery while protecting the most vulnerable members of society will be at the forefront our discussions.

“To respond successfully we need to accelerate an innovation-led economy, our transition to a zero carbon future, and new digital ways of working and producing and ensuring growth is more inclusive and sustainable. With a strong and collaborative approach to the challenges of the pandemic, I am confident that our city has the talent, the skills and the mindset to succeed in recovering from this crisis.”

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stuart Patrick said: “This is a timely move by the City Council, and I’m very pleased to see it happening. Whilst short term survival is still at the forefront of so many business minds as lockdown continues for an indefinite period, it is crucial that we begin planning for the recovery stage.

“Our own Glasgow Business Resilience Council, made up of our directors and policy forum members, has been acting as a sounding board on the main issues and actions needed for our membership and wider business community, and we will be pleased to add our findings to the Covid-19 Recovery Group.”

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