WORK Due To Start On People-Friendly Argyle Street West Avenue In The Summer

2 February, 2024 | Active Travel, Public Realm

A £5.8MILLION contract for one of the next phases of the Glasgow City Region City Deal Avenues programme has been awarded.

Rainton Construction (Scotland) Ltd will deliver the Argyle Street West Avenue which will stretch from where Argyle Street passes under the Kingston Bridge to its junction with Union Street.

The project will deliver public realm improvements including high-quality pavements and roads, with new cycleways.

Trees and raingardens are also proposed although these are subject to possible limitations because of the low-level railway line running along the full length of the route.

This Avenue will be part of a network of new accessible, safe, sustainable and easily-maintained routes that will be connected throughout the city centre.

The Avenues are aimed at encouraging active travel as well as making streets more attractive to residents, workers, visitors and investors.

Work is expected to begin on-site in early summer, with completion in late autumn 2025.

Councillor Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council and chair of the Glasgow City Region Cabinet, said: “Our Avenues programme is focused on making our city centre streets more attractive and easier to get around.”

The £115million Avenues programme is funded through the Glasgow City Region City Deal, to which the Scottish and UK Governments are each contributing £500million.

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