WEST End Chippy Operator’s City Centre Venue Gets Go-Ahead

28 October, 2021 | Food and Drink

RESTAURANT use has been approved for betting shop premises in a B-listed Glasgow City Centre building.

City planners have granted a change-of-use application for 44 St Enoch Square submitted by Mario Simeone, of Byres Road fish and chip restaurant Simeone’s (formerly Mario’s Plaice).

Proposed opening hours are 8am to 11pm.

The report by officials comments: “The applicant states that a restaurant at this location would be an appropriate commercial use which will contribute to increased footfall in the area and provide an active frontage, supplementing the existing day and evening economy.

“The unit is not located adjacent to or directly below residential properties and this side of St Enoch Square retains a mix of both retail and non-retail uses. It should also be noted that..this proposal would not involve the loss of an existing retail unit.”

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