WEST End Bakery Gets Cafe Refusal Overturned

7 April, 2021 | Food and Drink

A GOVERNMENT planning judge has ruled that Cottonrake Bakery can turn an empty Glasgow West End shop into a cafe.

The eatery appealed after twice being refused permission by Glasgow City Council to change the use of vacant premises at 717 Great Western Road, near Byres Road.

Officials were opposed because they felt the lack of a full height flue to disperse cooking smells would affect flats above the unit.

This was despite Cottonrake seeking permission on the basis that the outlet would run on a ‘restricted cooking’ basis as the operator has its own prep kitchen elsewhere.

The Scottish Government’s planning and environmental appeals division has now overturned the latest refusal decision.

Its reporter Philip Barton stated: “The appellant applied for planning permission on the basis of a clearly articulated business model. It is not the role of the planning system to interfere unnecessarily with the way a free market operates.

“It is entirely reasonable for the appellant to expect its proposal to be determined on the basis of details submitted with its application, rather than some other scheme that the council might prefer.

“A decision-maker is required to consider whether an otherwise unacceptable proposal could be made acceptable by attaching conditions.”

Drawings show the cafe would have seating for around 40. Opening hours would be 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

Cottonrake currently have a bakery at 497 Great Western Road, near Kelvinbridge.

A statement submitted with their application had explained: “The applicant’s aim for 717 Great Western Road is to introduce a plated version of their already well established and popular product range, with some additional in-house accompaniments.”

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