VERDICT On Dennistoun Drive-Thru Proposal Stalls Again

9 February, 2021 | Food and Drink

A DECISION on a plan for a drive-thru Starbucks coffee shop on Alexandra Parade has had to be postponed again.

The council’s planning committee initially delayed coming to a verdict at a meeting last month saying more information was required.

The application was on the agenda again today but was put off because it was discovered there was an error in a document showing the boundary of the development.

This means additional properties need to be notified about the application which will now be considered in March.

The drive-thru is proposed for the grounds of the 24-hour BP filling station between Craigpark and Lloyd Street, and would include an external seating area.

Thirteen objections have been made, including from Dennistoun Community Council and local councillors.

Concerns include increased traffic, litter, over-provision of coffee shops, inappropriate opening hours, and encouraging car use during the climate emergency.

However, city officials say that the development complies with planning policies. They are recommending that councillors approve it.

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