UPDATED Sighthill Masterplan Proposal Includes Hundreds Of Extra Homes

1 June, 2024 | News

A BIG increase in the number of homes at Glasgow’s massive Sighthill redevelopment is being proposed, as well as a hotel and student residences.

A rethink of the masterplan is projecting a rise of around 300 units, up from about 830 to just over 1,130.

Looking towards the eastern side of the site

Consultation has just started on plans for the site’s eastern side where there would be a total of 461 flats and 275 houses compared with the original plan of 259 flats and 278 houses.

Proposals for the eastern side

Developer Keepmoat state: “[We] have asked Elder and Cannon Architects to prepare detailed plans for the eventual delivery of future phases of the emerging masterplan site at Sighthill.

“These would be to follow the ongoing build-out of Phases 1, 2 and 3 which will complete the Hill Circus and Canal Side and make a start…at the eastern half of Civic Boulevard and Pinkston Comb with works projected to be on site through 2024-2026.

“The replan has suggested a possible increase in the overall Sighthill masterplan from 826 to 1137 homes. The housing tenure will continue to be a mix of affordable housing by a registered social landlord and private housing for sale.

“Commercial units and shops will be positioned at either end of the main boulevard and the area adjacent to the new Sighthill Bridge which is also planned for a more mixed-use development of student residences, flats, hotel accommodation, independent shops and artists’ workspaces.”

Consultation documentation continues: “The brief to Elder and Cannon has been to investigate the
potential for improvement in the established masterplan across the remaining pockets of the development site, sticking to the rules of the existing plan, keeping to advanced infrastructure networks and tying in seamlessly with completed and yet to be completed phases.

“The clear intent is therefore to largely follow the existing masterplan and embrace all of its main principles and objectives while finding small adjustments of marginal gains in the detailed design to nudge the overall delivery in a significantly positive direction.

“Lots of small changes and one or two strategic moves result in better homes and more of them.”

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