TOWER Blocks To Be Demolished By Explosion

29 April, 2023 | News

FOUR multi-storey blocks in Maryhill are set to be brought down by explosion next year.

Details of how the 26-storey flats are to be demolished have been submitted to Glasgow City Council by social landlord Wheatley Group for approval.

The 1960s buildings at Wyndford Road comprise around 600 bedsits and one-bedroom flats and have had low levels of occupancy and high rates of turnover.

They are to be cleared to make way for 300 new properties for social and mid-market rent.

The whole demolition process is expected to take two years.

A document submitted to the council explains that, between April 2023 and April 2024, a “soft strip” of the blocks will be carried out, taking them back to the concrete frame including removing all internal non-loadbearing walls, partitions, linings, floor finishes, ceiling finishes and services.

It continues: “After this, the demolition contractor (Safedem) will undertake a controlled explosive demolition of the tower blocks and will then recycle and remove the material from site.

“The programme duration is approximately 24 months.”

A 150-metre (500 foot) exclusion zone will be required during the explosion phase with an evacuation centre provided for residents of nearby buildings.

A lengthy methodology statement drawn up by Safedem states that its management team all “have considerable experience of the successful explosive demolition, dismantling and de-construction of similar tower blocks to Wyndford residential towers.”

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