STREETS To Start To Getting ‘Avenue’ Overhauls In First Half Of 2022

11 November, 2021 | Active Travel, Public Realm

Argyle Street West

GLASGOW’S massive programme to turn city centre streets into people-friendly ‘Avenues’ is finally set to go up a gear in 2022 — although one location has been delayed, ironically because of emergency motorway repairs.

Officials expect work to start on five projects next year following delays because of the pandemic and major events. The pilot on Sauchiehall Street was completed in 2019.

Argyle Street West

Investment of around £140milllion over the next seven years aims to introduce a network of pedestrian and bike priority routes that will incorporate green/blue infrastructure, increased walking and cycling space, and improved connectivity.

Indicative image for Argyle Street West

A report updating councillors states that construction will start in early 2022 on Argyle Street West (M8 Junction 19 to Hope Street) and The Underline Phase One (Cambridge Street).

Argyle Street West

Argyle Street West is scheduled for completion in autumn 2023 and Cambridge Street in January 2023.

Cambridge Street at present

Cambridge Street has already had improvements as part of the Spaces for People programme.

Indicative image for Cambridge Street

However the Underline Phase 2 (New City Road) is ‘paused’ while emergency work is carried out to the M8 flyover above the route.

Indicative image for Sauchiehall Precinct

Work on the Sauchiehall Precinct (Rose Street to Buchanan Street) and North Hanover Street Avenues is scheduled to commence mid/late-2022. The Sauchiehall Precinct project will include removal of the stepped platforms.

Construction of the Holland Street/Pitt Street Avenue is due to start mid/late-2022.

Avenues Programme on city council website

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