SEVEN Hundred Student Rooms Included In ‘Refreshed’ High Street Proposals

11 October, 2021 | Residential, Major Developments

REVISED plans for Glasgow’s massive High Street goods yard site include hundreds more student accommodation rooms and around 80 extra flats.

Build-to-rent operator Get Living already secured planning permission in 2018 for development of the 7.5-acre derelict site between Collegelands and Bell Street, beside Parsonage Square.

But it is now undertaking online pre-application consultation on an updated masterplan for the land.

The new proposals emphasise an ‘intergenerational housing offer’ with 812 flats for rent (compared with 727 in the earlier scheme) and 700 student accommodation rooms (up from 99 in the initial proposal).

As before, there would also be retail, leisure, food and drink and commercial/business space.

The buildings would be mainly range from eight to 11 floors with one landmark 20-floor block.

There would be less road space and a greater focus on a pedestrian-friendly environment alongwith a number of civic spaces.

As reported by reGlasgow last week, a pedestrian/cycle bridge is now proposed over the High Street railway line at Collegelands and this would connect with a north/south route through the goods yard development.

The possibility of a bridge over the railway line at the south of the site is also raised.

The developer states: “Upon review of the consented design and following Get Living’s ongoing experience with residents during covid-19, it is felt that the expectations within the sector have moved on since conception and therefore further improvements to the design and quality of the scheme can be made, also serving to reduce impacts on neighbouring residential properties.

“Against this background, and with an established principle of development, Get Living is now looking to remix this scheme and submit a new planning application to deliver what we feel is a better-quality market-facing proposition. The proposed scheme is now a truly intergenerational housing offer.”

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