REVISED Residential Plan For Gallowgate Commercial Plot Is Refused

10 March, 2023 | News

A SECOND bid to build flats at a Calton site currently occupied by a shop, a takeaway, a pub and an old engineering workshop has been refused.

A planning application was submitted for land surrounded by the Graham Square apartment buildings on the Gallowgate.

How the new proposal is expected to look

The proposal was for a four-storey block containing 20 apartments that would replace several shop units, the Wee Mans Bar and the former workshop of butcher equipment suppliers MacNaughton & Watson.

Permission was previously sought for 42 flats and two shops but was rejected for various reasons, including overdevelopment.

How the previous proposal, which was refused, was expected to look

The revised proposal was to have 12 one-bedroom flats and eight with two bedrooms, each with a balcony. There was to be a pend through to a rear courtyard with 22 parking spaces.

But city officials have rejected it for numerous reasons stating that, because of the proposed design, layout, scale, massing, density, local townscape context and lack of information, it fails to comply with multiple city planning policies.

A document including with the application had stated: “The design of the block is envisaged as a contemporary interpretation of the traditional four-storey Glasgow tenement.

“The site…remains the only undeveloped site nestling between two modern housing association developments of a quality design.

“We have adjusted the quality of the aesthetics of the design to arrive at a solution we feel is more characteristic of the Gallowgate frontage as it exists today.”

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