RESTAURANT Proposed For Fopp Store In Byres Road

27 June, 2019 | News

PLANS have been drawn up to turn iconic Glasgow West End music store Fopp into a Thai restaurant.

Grovemoore Properties Ltd have applied to change the use of the premises in Byres Road.

An illustration, above, provided with the application shows signage for Ting Thai Caravan which has two restaurants in Edinburgh.

A statement by Bennett Developments and Consulting, submitted with the application, explains: “The existing retail unit on the ground floor is currently occupied by a niche music, film and book store. Unfortunately it has not been trading viably.”

The property has been marketed since last summer and has only attracted interest from restaurant operators.

The statement continues: “It was subsequently purchased by the applicant [who owns the restaurant upstairs] who, rather than see an empty unit on the road, has generously permitted the current tenant to trade at a greatly reduced rent until the lease expires in January next year, though such a position is not sustainable in the long-term.

“The proposed restaurateur is an international renowned Thai outlet who will bring a new dining experience to the area.

“The development will enliven and enrich this part of Byres Road. It will offer a zone of activity and vitality where good wine and food will be on offer and where indoor/outdoor experience can be enjoyed by all.”

The application is now awaiting consideration by Glasgow City planners.

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