PLANS Drawn Up For Clyde Promenade And Quay Wall

8 December, 2022 | Active Travel, Public Realm, Clyde Riverfront

A PROJECT to fix a quay wall and restore a public riverfront path in central Glasgow is progressing.

Plans have been drawn up for the Windmillcroft Quayscheme which involves a 300-metre stretch of the Clyde riverbank between Tradeston and Springfield Quay.

The design includes a 12-metre build-out of public realm into the river corridor to provide a promenade, constructed above a new quay wall.

The current wall fell into disrepair and the public walkway was closed in 2014.

Documents submitted to city planners, as part of environmental impact assessment, state that a spacious route for pedestrians and cyclists travelling east/west will be provided, linking Tradeston and the retail/entertainment hubs around Springfield Quay.

The statement continues: “Connectivity along this stretch of the waterfront will be enhanced through a series of different zones including landscape art and a combination of open formal seating areas and semi-enclosed spaces for quiet contemplation.

“One of the principal drivers behind the public realm elements of the proposed scheme is the creation of a waterfront place that is easy to use, safe, and well-connected to the surroundings.”

The public realm has been organised around three primary zones:

• A four-metre wide walkway alongside the quay wall

• A three-metre wide dedicated cycle route through the centre

• A four-metre wide buffer zone between the waterfront and adjacent residential area, comprising a tree-lined avenue, shrub planting and quiet semi-enclosed spaces which provide opportunities for informal play.

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