PLANNING Approval Given For Major Glasgow East End Health Facility

1 September, 2021 | News

How the centre is expected to look

PROPOSALS for a health and care centre with library in Parkhead have been given the go-ahead by Glasgow city planners.

The facility will be built at the Parkhead Hospital site at Salamanca Street.

It will be a base for multiple services and will also house Parkhead library. The development will have a cafe, a public plaza and several courtyards.

Around 560 staff will operate from the centre which is expected to have daily patient numbers of 1,200. Hours of operation will be 8am till 8pm, seven days per week, however the building will open for staff access between the hours of 6am and 10pm.

A report by planners states: “The site slopes down approximately four metres from north to south however this has been cleverly used to form a unique design.

“The building is organised of two intertwining blocks over three and four floors with upper and lower level accommodation overlooking Duke Street and East Wellington Street for a continuous active frontage.

“The cubic ‘figure 8’-shaped building is arranged to also provide three internal landscaped staff/patient courtyards on the ground level.”

It continues: “The proposal recognises the benefits of civic presence introducing a high quality public civic area for visitors and the local community prominently located allowing 24-hour surveillance.

“The variety of facilities as part of the health and social care building including library will significantly enhance to the vibrancy and vitality of the Parkhead Major Town Centre.”

Around 280 parking spaces will be provided. The barrier-controlled car park will be screened by multi-level, perimeter planting to lessen its visual impact.

Planners add: “The proposed parking development was subject to intense analysis…to ensure the provision would adequately serve staff and visitors without impact of on-street parking but also encourage active travel modes.

“The site was specifically selected as it was considered the most accessible, centrally located and well connected by public transport from all areas of the city and within very close walking distance of all retail and community facilities.”

There will be a range of primary and social care services including three GP surgeries, a pharmacy, specialist children’s services, district nursing, health visitors, social work, older people’s mental health services, learning disability services, sexual health services, addiction services, meeting rooms and a cafe.

A statement submitted with the planning application explained: “One of the core aims of the Parkhead hub is to reduce pressure on hospital services through the delivery of integrated service models with patients and service users more likely to access all components of their care plan if this can be delivered under one roof.

“Critical to this concept is the creation of an open, welcoming and caring facility that is easy to navigate and pleasant, calm and uplifting to inhabit.”

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