PLANNING Application Submitted For Major Housing Development In Springboig

19 April, 2021 | News

CITY planners are being asked to approved a large residential development at an east Glasgow school site

CCG Homes has applied to build 124 houses and 32 apartments at the 6.5-hectare Springboig St John’s School land on Edinburgh Road.

There will be terraced homes, town-houses and detached dwellings, comprised of a mixture of two, three and four-bedroom properties. One and two-bedroom flats will be contained in one four-storey block.

A design document included with the application states: “The rich green quality of the site is largely retained with roads and buildings carefully positioned to minimise their impact on the semi-natural landscape.

“Large areas of the existing semi-natural landscape are retained largely untouched, providing high quality amenity space for residents. The new street network and footpaths will re-establish connections with the surround streets and community.”

The application is pending assessment by Glasgow City Council.

A proposal for around 100 houses on a neighbouring site was announced late last year although no planning application has been made so far.

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