PLANNERS Derail Glasgow Southside Tramcar Tearoom/Theatre Proposal

17 October, 2018 | News

A PLAN to use a replica tramcar as a tearoom and performance space outside a Southside restaurant has been rejected by city officials.

Marco Giannasi of Battlefield Rest applied for permission to try the idea for five years.

The tram would have been sited on the public footway next to the B-listed Battlefield Road building which is a former tram stop.

There were no public objections and five letters of support.

But a report by Glasgow City planners stated: “The siting of the proposed replica tram would obscure the frontage of the category B-listed building, in a way that would not have been the case with the original use of the property.

“While the structure was originally a tram stop, the trams would have only temporarily paused in front of the building before continuing their journey.”

The report continues: “The council has a requirement to consider whether the proposal would preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the B-listed building.

“Given the prominent location proposed, in front of the main elevation facing down Battlefield Road, and the lack of fine detail of the design, the proposal would serve to harm the character and appearance of the B-listed Building and its setting.”

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