PLANNERS Asked To Approve New Neighbourhood On North Glasgow Green Belt

13 January, 2020 | News, Residential, Major Developments

A MASSIVE housing development is being proposed for green belt land north of Summerston.

Caledonian Properties want to create a “high quality” neighbourhood on “edge of settlement” fields south of the River Kelvin.

An application has been submitted to Glasgow City Council seeking permission for the principle of residential development on the land.

The application doesn’t specify how many houses would be built but a transport assessment carried out for the developer was prepared on the basis of there being 500 properties. If the current application is approved, further detailed permission would be required.

The homes will be mainly two storeys, providing a mix of two, three and four-bedroom dwellings.  Houses will generally be detached, but interspersed with semi-detached and terraced units.

The site is bounded to the south by Blackhill Road and existing residential developments; to the north by the Kelvin and a landfill
site; and to the east by Balmore Road.

A portion of the site is south of Blackhill Road and has existing residential development to the west, Balmore Road to the east and Lambhill Cemetry to the south.

The land involved covers about 90 hectares but it is expected that the land developed for housing will be “significantly less” after deduction of substantial areas for landscaping, tree planting and open space and general infrastructure.

A background document lodged on behalf of the applicant states: “The proposed development will form the next logical residential neighbourhood and will be set within a clearly established suburban framework.

“This [neighbourhood] would form a natural and well-contained expansion of a settlement boundary on the northern edge of the Glasgow City Council boundary.

“[It] will be set within a strong landscape framework with allowance for appropriate vehicular and pedestrian connections.

It continues: “The Development Framework will ensure the delivery of a high quality environment with a real ‘sense of place’ through a strong and imaginative design strategy. ”

The document also states: “There are excellent opportunities to connect to and extend the existing path network to promote walking and cycling for leisure/recreational purposes as well as to create direct community links.

“On the northern edge towards the River Kelvin, opportunities exist to extend the walkway in and around the river as well as the wider open space being retained and landscaped.

The application is pending assessment by planning officers.


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