PLANNERS Accept South Side Hotel’s Wedding Proposal

26 September, 2019 | News

THE Sherbrooke Castle Hotel on Glasgow’s South Side has been given permission for a conservatory-style extension.

It will go on the roof of an existing bedroom annexe and will be used as a wedding ceremony venue with space for 136 guests.

The annexe sits elevated above Nithsdale Road in the grounds of the 18-bedroom Pollokshields venue.

How the conservatory extension is expected to look

Wedding ceremonies are already held in the main building’s function room, which has capacity for 200 people. The hotel has said it will not hold two weddings at the same time.

A statement submitted on behalf of the hotel explains: “Sherbrooke Castle Hotel currently holds wedding ceremonies within the function room of the main hotel, after which the guests then move to another part of the building to allow the staff to set up the room for the meal and reception as quickly as possible.

“Despite this working reasonably successfully, the hotel is losing out on bookings as there is a growing demand amongst clients for wedding ceremonies to be held in rooms separate to the function/reception suite.

“In order to satisfy this growing demand, the proposal is to form a ‘conservatory’ located on the terrace which forms the roof of the existing bedroom annexe, to be capable of seating 136 guests. It is intended that the building only be in use when a ceremony is taking place. At all other times the building will be unoccupied.”

Glasgow City planners approved the application. Their report states: “It is considered that due to the irregular nature and limited time periods of the proposed use, which can be controlled by conditions, the overall impact on the amenity of neighbouring residential property would be within acceptable parameters.

They add: “The issue of on-street parking close to junctions with Nithsdale Road and associated traffic and pedestrian safety concerns were raised by local residents, and are noted, but it is not considered that the proposed wedding ceremony venue would significantly alter the use of the premises with regard to numbers attending or frequency of events.

“It is therefore considered unreasonable to resist the proposal on the basis of traffic and parking concerns.”

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