PLAN Submitted For New Pre-Five Centre In North West Glasgow

18 February, 2020 | News

GLASGOW City Council have drawn up plans for a second new early learning and childcare facility, this time in the north west of the city.

An application to build the facility at the former Broomhill Primary School annexe site, between Crow Road and Randolph Road, has been submitted to planners.

It follows a similar proposal for a site in Govanhill lodged last week.

The Broomhill pre-five centre is also designed to cater for up to 87 two to five-year-olds and is being provided under expansion of free early learning and childcare from 600 hours a year to 1,140 hours.

Accommodation will include four playrooms, a dining room reception/office space, parents’ room, staff room, kitchen and laundry room, and toilets/changing facilities.

The facility will be operational 52 weeks a year, open Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm. There will be no set sessions, allowing families to use their allocated hours more flexibly. Pupil drop-off/collection will take place throughout the day.

As the site is well served by public transport, a car park will not be provided, although there will be a vehicular drop-off facility for parents because of a lack of on-street parking and the potential that some parents/ pupils may not be coming from the local area.

The building has been positioned away from the site perimeter to cut down tree loss and to maximise the south facing outdoor play space. Every room will have a view of some natural outdoor space.

The main entrance will be off Randolph Road and will feature a garden area. Green space to the north of the site will be retained for public use.

The proposal is pending assessment by the city planning department.

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