PARTICK Pub’s Glazed Roof Terrace Plan Is Refused

19 April, 2022 | Food and Drink

CITY planners have rejected a Glasgow pub’s proposal for a roof lounge.

Deoch an Dorus wanted to create a glass and steel terrace above its premises on Dumbarton Road.

But the city council has refused their application.

A decision notice issued by the planning department states: “Due to its design and materials, the proposed covered, glazed roof terrace would be an unsympathetic addition that would not respect the period, style and architectural character of the building on which it would be located, to the detriment of the appearance and visual amenity of the property and the street scene.”

It continues: “The proposed covered, glazed roof terrace extension to the existing public house would be immediately adjacent to residential flats on the upper floors of the neighbouring tenement and, due to its location in close proximity to residential flats, it is considered that the proposal would adversely affect their residential amenity through increased noise, activity and potential light pollution late at night.”

A statement submitted with the application explained: “The roof lounge will be accessible from within the public house by a staircase from the ground floor.

“Given the ‘Covid 19’ climate the owners feel that is necessary to increase the size of the premises in order to remain viable in the longer term.

“The lounge will be a modern glazed stainless steel structure with ample opening lights to allow considerable ventilation.

“Although covered it will have the ambiance of inside /outside with plants and greenery as part of the experience.

“It is proposed that the glass steel structure be built behind the stone parapet thereby reducing the impact of the addition but creating an appealing contrast between old and new.”

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