NORTH Glasgow Warehouse Can Be Turned Into eSports Arena

19 July, 2022 | Arts, Leisure, Entertainment and Sport

The gaming arena would be in a unit at a trading estate beside the Maryhill Juniors ground

A COMPUTER gaming products company has been given permission to convert part of its premises into an esports arena with room for up to 200 spectators.

Glasgow planners approved GT Omega Racing’s application to use some of its warehouse at a trading estate in Craigmont Street, Maryhill as an entertainment venue.

An operational statement included with its application explained: “The change-of-use proposal is to convert the smaller of the two warehouse spaces into a new gaming arena where esports events can be hosted for live events as well as online streamed events.

“Esports is competitive video gaming, different from standard video gaming in that esports is competitive (human v human) and has an engaging spectator element like traditional sports.

“Esports tournaments usually consist of amateur or professional gamers competing against one another for a cash or merchandise prize.

“The proposed new warehouse arena will provide a venue to host live esport events which can also be streamed online. The proposal will provide a stage for 10 competitors to compete, with a seated area for spectator viewing.

“It is also intended that the new arena space could be rented out to external businesses to house demonstrations of their products i.e., events where customers can test the latest gaming equipment and products.”

There would be green rooms on a new mezzanine level for competitors to use between events/matches plus a commentators’ room.

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The statement continued: “The proposed operation for the gaming arena is 8am to 1am with special ‘one off’ events potentially with longer operating hours to suit gaming events being streamed from other countries in different time zones.

“It is noted there are currently other business premises within the industrial estate operating with a 24-hour licence and estate security operates 24 hours.

“The operation of the gaming arena is not seen to have any effect on the operation of the warehouse and office space with most events being held at the weekend

“Currently there are 125 shared parking spaces within the estate. It is predicted that most people attending the events will use public transport, car-pooling or drop off.

“As most events will be hosted on weekends or later in the day there is seen to be no conflicting issues with parking and other business within the estate.

“It has been observed that the majority of people who attend the climbing centre next door either, cycle of walk with roughly 20 parked cars during peak times.”

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