NEW South Side Base For Watch Manufacturer Gets Planning Approval

13 February, 2023 | News

A SPECIALISED watchmaking firm has been given permission to build a studio/workshop in Cathcart.

anOrdain’s new base will be on a former garage site beside the railway line in Delvin Road. The company has occupied rented spaces in the East End, West End and city centre since it was founded in 2014.

At the time of the planning application being submitted in December 2021, the company employed 18 people, most of whom were graduates of local art schools, in well-paid and permanent jobs.

A statement submitted to planners explained: “We specialise in what is arguably the most challenging and sought-after technique in horology, enamel. After spending over three years and 4,000 hours perfecting the art of enamelling, we have since built a global reputation as leaders in this field.

“Whilst watchmaking is a traditional craft, anOrdain is a young and innovative company, and, through our fusion of this skilled craft with modern design, we have gained a healthy following.

“When it came time to decide where to build our permanent home, we chose Cathcart because the vast majority of our team live there.

“We tasked Reiach and Hall with designing our new studio, and they’ve developed a piece of world-class architecture that we will be proud to call home. The new building will let us grow and bring more of the watchmaking process inhouse.”

The document continued: “anOrdain create beautifully designed and crafted watches. Their work is exemplified by their unique mastery of enamelling, colour, elegance and simplicity of form.

“The architectural intention is to make a building that houses this artistry in a simple direct and elegant manner. The building should act as a refined backdrop to the watchmaking.

“With the train station next door, visitors will be able to find us easily and arrive at the studio in an environmentally friendly way.

“There is already a green culture amongst the team, with everyone either cycling or using public transport for their commute.”

The application for planning permission was approved by city officials who stated in their decision report: “The application site is challenging and awkward, constrained by the river and railway embankment.

“The proposal is a bespoke design serving the needs of the proposed user of the workshop/studio as a watchmaker.

“The street-facing façade incorporates a brick detail to compensate for the lack of activation to the street, which is due to the internal requirements of the workshop. An area of planting is proposed to reduce the length of the façade that is unbroken.”

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