NEW Eco-Friendly City Centre Deli/Eatery Would Offer “Unique Twist On Cafe Culture”

1 April, 2020 | News, Food and Drink

A GLASGOW restaurant wants to open a deli/cafe in empty shop premises at a prominent City Centre corner site.

Esca hope to open the outlet at 31 Trongate, which has been vacant for seven years and is a short distance from their current premises in Chisholm Street.

A statement submitted with a change-of-use planning application explains: “This is a place to meet and chat, to enjoy quality healthy foods and beverages in an atmosphere which draws inspiration from the natural world while engaging with the rich dynamic ambience of the Merchant City.

“In essence it is a lifestyle deli/ café with the emphasis on healthy living all in a quality environment. All the fare on offer will be available to takeaway.

“Internally the layout will be essentially that of a food shop but with the added attraction of carefully located groups of seats and benches interspersed within the space.

“It will be an exciting and innovative food outlet deli/café offering a unique twist on the café culture and introducing a dynamic new eating experience into this ‘artisan quarter’ of the city.”

It would operate seven days a week, 7am to 7pm. There will be no cooking on the premises — all hot foodstuffs will be delivered pre-cooked and will be reheated.

All packing/utensils would be environmentally friendly, and all waste would be recyclable and biodegradable

There would be a range of organic coffees and milks and milk substitutes available.

There would also be a wide range for the growing number of vegetarians and vegans in the city as well as for those with other dietary requirements.

Thirty to 40 seating spaces would be provided including booths, benches and stools,

The planning statement gives an idea of items that would be on the  menu:

— Breakfast — porridge pots with multiple toppings, yoghurt and fruit, as well as pastries and cakes
with raw options

— Lunch — a range of artisan sandwiches, healthy soups, designer salad bar and fresh daily hot option

— Evenings — organic cakes and coffees

The statement continues: “In designing the premises, the organic food theme will extend into the decor which will reflect an eclectic mix of the Mediterranean and the edginess of a New York deli, with trestles displaying a rich mix of organic produce and cool cabinets full of yoghurts, milks, cheeses and wholefoods.

“Given that the outlet is aimed essentially at day-time customers where constraints on time can be a major issue, careful consideration has been given to the order of service and layout to ensure that customers are served as efficiently as possible whether dining or enjoying takeaway foods.

“The aim is to provide a fast-paced casual dining experience in this unique corner of Trongate, to offer a range of quality organic foods in attractive surroundings.

“This is not a venue for protracted evening dinners, or for that matter extended lunches, it is a place for casual dining with the emphasis on the healthy option.

It concludes: “As well as offering employment opportunities, the idea is to grow the business and to offer a healthy catering option to surrounding offices and businesses, promoting the core brand values of health, sustainability and quality. Produce will be sourced locally in the west of Scotland.

“In the fullness of time it is hoped to open up the basement where events such as book/poetry readings can take place as well as kids craft workshops, all involving the local community.

“The proposed development will see this prime corner location transformed into an active and dynamic eatery, which will contribute greatly to the regeneration of this part of Trongate.”

The proposal is pending assessment by Glasgow City planners.

A previous application for a more traditional restaurant at the premises was withdrawn.

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