NEW Application Lodged For Flats And Houses At Historic Northern Maryhill Site

5 June, 2020 | Residential, Listed / Historic Buildings

REVISED plans have been drawn up for a new ‘neighbourhood quarter’ at historic Acre House and its overgrown grounds in north Glasgow.

Five homes would be created in the grade C-listed main house and stables and four blocks containing 64 flats would be built. A previous application, now withdrawn, proposed 87 flats.

The land at Acre Road, off Maryhill Road, is identified as ‘natural/semi-natural greenspace-woodland’ by Glasgow City Council however planning approval was granted around 10 years ago for a six-storey, 110 bedroom nursing home at the site.

Acre House was built around 1860 as a private residence and was once a convent. Most recently the property was owned and used by Glasgow University as student accommodation.

The building has been empty since 2004 and has suffered numerous break-ins, vandalism and several fires which have destroyed the roof and entire interior layout. Only the external walls remain in place.

A statement submitted by Mosaic Architecture and Design explains: “The concept is focused on the design of a new neighbourhood quarter which sensitively blends new with old and opens up to the existing community of Acre in Maryhill.

“Our client aims to deliver a unique, low-energy, high-quality, residential development that will support, connect, and reinforce the existing small close-knit community of Acre.

“This development aspires to deliver quality architecture and urban design that will bring new families to the area and establish new connections to the surrounding communities.”

The statement continues: “Acre House makes an important contribution to the character of the area, but the dereliction and abandonment of the property and grounds has had an adverse impact on the amenity of the surrounding streets.

“Our proposal seeks to retain as much of the existing heritage structures that is safe to do so and the development represents the best chance of protecting and minimising the adverse impact on Acre House.

“By retaining and restoring Acre House, we will create a sense of place which points to the Victorian past whilst providing new, high quality homes.”

There would be a mixture of one, two and three-bedroom properties.

The application is pending consideration by city planners.

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