MORE Big Budget Film And TV Projects Showing Interest In Glasgow In 2022

20 January, 2022 | News

Movie shoots in Glasgow, clockwise from top left, Parnie Street doubling for Gotham this month for filming of Batgirl; The Flash; Indiana Jones 5 and Tetris

FILM and TV productions spent more than £40million in Glasgow in 2021, a big increase on previous years.

A report by Glasgow Film Office (GFO) states that 75 productions used the city last year with total local spend reaching £42.4million.

Local spend in 2019 was £12.5million, in 2018 was £19.1million and in 2017 was £15.1million. The figure for 2020 — a year badly affected by lockdown restrictions — is estimated at £6.5milllion.

Major scenes for blockbusters Indiana Jones 5 and The Flash were filmed in Glasgow in 2021.

The report states: “Summer 2021 was an exceptionally busy period for the city with two big budget US films selecting Glasgow city centre for a number of logistically complex scenes.

“The productions shot consecutively in late July and early August. Their location footprint was one of the largest seen in the city.”

The city’s success in attracting movie shoots is continuing with production of Batgirl currently underway until March.

The update adds: “GFO has responded to enquiries from several large-scale feature films and high-end TV projects seeking key locations for projects shooting in 2022.

“These enquiries have been spurred by Glasgow’s reputation as a film-friendly location that can easily double as a variety of other major cities and further demonstrates our standing within the UK production landscape.”

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