MAJOR Housing Development Proposed For Springboig

19 November, 2020 | Residential

A FORMER east Glasgow school site is being lined up for a large residential development.

CCG Homes has started pre-application consultation over plans for 182 houses at the Springboig St John’s School land on Edinburgh Road.

A design document on a website for community feedback states: “The designs are currently being developed and will comprise a range of two, three and four-bedroom houses and one and two-bedroom flats.”

It continues: “A key principle of the proposed development is the retention of the existing mature trees which has largely informed the approach to the layout and how the road network and arrangement of buildings and gardens sit within it.

“The woodland in which the dense clusters of trees sit provides a framework for an approach to the landscape design that is focused on the natural quality of the existing landscape and access to it via existing and proposed connections for pedestrians and for other forms of active travel.

“The landscape design will therefore build on and enhance this natural landscape asset to provide a unique neighbourhood and high quality amenity space.

A proposal of application notice (PAN) has been submitted to Glasgow City Council.

A proposal for around 100 houses on a neighbouring site was announced late last year although no planning application has been made so far.

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