MAJOR East End Housing Development Is Rejected By City Planners

12 February, 2020 | News

GLASGOW City planners have refused permission for around 140 houses and flats on the site of a former bus depot in the East End.

AS Homes (Scotland) had applied to develop three hectares at 252 Tollcross Road in Parkhead.

The developer wanted to build 143 homes including 112 two and three-bed semi-detached and terraced homes plus three four-storey blocks containing a total of 31 flats.

But council officials have rejected the proposal for various reasons.

Their report stated: “Overall the site layout has a range of limitations and fails to deliver the council’s place-making policy through significant privacy issues, lack of and reduced quality of private amenity space, public amenity space inappropriately located, no landscaping strategy, parking provision is deficient and no cycle parking or details of passive electric vehicular charging facilities are provided.

“The increased use of parking courts amounts to an overuse of hard landscaping throughout the site with the site boundaries lacking the required strong frontage at this location.

“The failure to provide the appropriate density through a variation in scale and massing severely impacts the quality of amenity and leads to monotonous continuation of two-storey terraced dwellings and a development lacking any distinction or architectural interest throughout.”

Planners said various reports they required in order to full assess the application, covering issues such as air quality impact, protected species, trees, landscape strategy, energy, ground conditions, remediation strategy, flood risk, drainage and transport, were either incomplete or had not been received.

They added that there had been “very little progression or evidence” that the fundamental design and amenity issues were being addressed.

The report concluded: “Accepting this reduction in place-making and design quality would set an undesirable precedent.”

The depot closed in 2010 and was demolished. Work on new housing is underway to the west and south.

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