LANDMARK For Govan-Partick Bridge As Piling On South Side Completed

9 December, 2022 | Active Travel, Clyde Riverfront

PILING works on the south side of the Govan to Partick Bridge site are now finished, with the Glasgow City Region City Deal project marking a significant milestone as it progresses on schedule.

In total, there are 95 piles which have been driven to a depth of 14 metres below riverbed level to create the foundations for the south landing area. Each pile is 23 metres high and weighs four tonnes.

The project involves construction of a pedestrian/cycle bridge over the River Clyde between Water Row in Govan and Pointhouse Quay in Partick.

It is seen as economically, environmentally and socially important, createing a link between communities, visitor attractions and institutions of national economic importance,

The crossing is a key part of the active travel route between the University of Glasgow’s campus at Gilmorehill and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Work began on-site in January 2022, with project completion anticipated towards the end of spring 2024.

David Buchanan, project manager at Farrans Construction, main contractors for the project, said: “This is the first significant construction milestone of this project, and we are pleased that we are running to programme.

“Marine piling is a challenging activity that can be heavily impacted by adverse weather, tidal conditions and unforeseen obstructions in the river. Our next step is to complete the southern cofferdam, dewater and start concrete works on the southern pier on which the bridge will pivot.

“As part of our activity on this important project we are working closely with the local community and supporting the work of fantastic organisations. We recently paused work to facilitate a ‘quiet hour’ positive experience for autistic visitors and their families at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.

“We have a number of initiatives underway which will deliver a positive lasting impact for the city of Glasgow through skills and apprenticeships, supporting charitable organisations and working with local supply chain.”

How the bridge is expected to look

Councillor Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council and chair of the Glasgow City Region Cabinet, said: “The Govan-Partick Bridge is significant at a local, regional and national level as it will not only reconnect communities on both banks of the Clyde, but link major institutions and emerging regeneration projects along an arc between the West End and Greater Govan.

“We can look forward to watching the successful progress of the bridge as the project develops in 2023.”

Scottish Government business minister Ivan McKee said: “This active travel bridge will help spur regeneration in the wider area. It highlights just how transformative projects within the Glasgow City Region City Deal can be, restoring the historic link between these well-known Glasgow neighbourhoods.”

UK Government Minister for Scotland, Malcolm Offord, said: “The bridge will be convenient, safe and eco-friendly. It will also give residents and visitors the chance to explore Glasgow’s historic riverside.

“The UK Government is supporting the bridge through a £49million investment in the Clyde Waterfront and West End Innovation project, part of £2billion for levelling up communities across Scotland.”

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