INDOOR Play Village In Calton Gets Approved

24 October, 2019 | News, Arts, Leisure, Entertainment and Sport

PLANNERS have agreed that warehouse premises in Calton can be transformed into an indoor children’s play village with cafe.

Glasgow City Council officials approved a planning application submitted for an “imaginative, educational role-play centre” at 25 McFarlane Street, in space currently used as an extension by the neighbouring Glasgow Pram Centre.

A document included with the proposal stated: “The business concept is to set up a small-scale village comprising of small rooms, for example, a supermarket, fire station, police station, hairdressers, hospital, theatre, roads, traffic signals, village square, etc.”

Other areas shown on application drawings included a newsroom, post office and vet.

The statement continued: “The village itself will be designed in such a way as to replicate, in miniature, some of the iconic buildings/elements from Glasgow.”

Three two-hour play sessions will be held each day, between 10am and 6pm. There will be a cafe area, with seating for up to 100, and two party rooms for hire.

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