‘INCONGRUOUS’ Plan For Flats At Barras Pub Site Is Rejected

10 November, 2020 | Residential, Food and Drink

CITY planners have refused permission for a rundown pub in The Barras to be turned into a cafe, with new flats above it.

The proposal involved the fire-damaged Traders’ Tavern in Stevenson Street at Kent Street which has been derelict for some years.

How the development would have looked

Two one-bedroom flats, each with a small balcony, were to be provided at first floor level.

A design statement submitted with the application explained: “The proposal will reinstate the form of the previous building on site, while bringing a contemporary feel to the area.

“The aim of this development is to secure the building and create two desirable living spaces and improve the overall aesthetics of the building.”

Glasgow City Council officials rejected the idea of having flats at the site saying there would be poor levels of privacy “as a result of their incongruous location within a busy commercial area”.

Their decision notice also stated: “The proposed flats, as a consequence of their lack of external space, restricted internal space provision and limited aspect, would result in a poor standard of residential amenity for intended occupants.”

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