IBROX Service Station Proposes Drive-Thru Plus Zero-Waste, ‘Locavore’-Style Shop Extension

15 October, 2021 | News, Food and Drink, Retail

PLANNERS are being asked to agree a mixed-use redevelopment of an Ibrox service station, including drive-thru restaurant.

GHSL Ltd have applied for the changes at their site at 675 Paisley Road West.

Also proposed are an extension to the shop and formation a vehicle wash facility.

A statement submitted with the planning application explains: “The concept of the proposed development is to respond to market demand by extending the sales offer of convenience retail goods (primarily fresh produce, organic and natural products; introduction of zero waste foods, vegan, organic, gluten free and free-from, similar idea to Locavore; along with a unique line of frozen drink or ‘slush’ and other hot and fresh desserts produced in-store [Tubbees]), from within the existing shop associated with the existing petrol filling station.

“At the same time, the applicants have also identified a market to provide ‘high-sided’ vehicles (vans and trucks) with a car-wash facility. Efficient operation of this requires taller ‘up and over’ roller washers.”

A drive-thru restaurant is proposed as either a franchise, lease out or the applicants’ own brand.

The application is pending consideration by Glasgow City Council.

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