HOUSING Association’s Ex-School Site Development Gets Planning Consent

11 March, 2021 | Residential

TWENTY-eight homes have been approved for the site of the former Yoker Primary School.

Glasgow City planners have given Yoker Housing Association the go-ahead to develop the land at Craggan Drive/Dyke Road.

There will be nine cottage flats, 14 terraced homes, two semi-detached houses and three bungalows

A design statement submitted with the application explained: “The final design proposals maximise the site conditions to create a liveable and coherent community.

“Through high-quality design, carefully considered aesthetic decisions and integrated communal open space, the former Yoker Primary School development will provide comfortable, modern and sustainable homes to be enjoyed for years to come.”

The document continued: “The design proposals focus on the creation of a high-quality mixed residential layout with a strong and unique visual identity.

“The scheme has been designed to encourage social interaction and build a sense of community through accessible and attractive open space.

“Through carefully considered hard and soft landscaping, integrated parking and generous open space, this development is designed to be provide sustainable and modern homes.”

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