HISTORIC Former Govan School Converted Into Housing Association Headquarters

3 December, 2020 | Listed / Historic Buildings

A 19TH century school building in Govan has been turned into a new home for Elderpark Housing Association.

Restoration of B-listed Hills Trust Primary School at Golspie Street, which dates from 1874, has now been completed.

Spacious accommodation has been provided while preserving many of the original features, including the traditional staircase.

High ceilings have been kept and each of the larger meeting spaces reference significant figures within the Govan area –- notably Lady Isabella Ure, Sir John Elder, Abraham Hill and heroine of local housing Mary Barbour.

Association chairperson Janet Evans said: “This has been a massive team effort in the two years since the ground was broken to start this project and the many years before when we tried to get the project up and running. We have restored this beautiful building and given it back to the community as an asset for the future.”

Chief executive Gary Dalziel said: “This will make a massive difference to Elderpark Housing. We have been in need of suitable office space for some time and perhaps the easier option would have been to build a brand new office.

“However as an organisation rooted within the community for well over 40 years, the opportunity to make Hills Trust our new home appeals to our ethos as a local organisation.

“Having lain derelict for around 10 years, we are proud that we have been able to bring the building back to life and maintain such an important part of Govan’s history for generations to come.

“Sadly our tenants and other visitors cannot yet visit the new offices due to Government restrictions as a result of the pandemic. But we think it will be worth waiting for the day when we can finally open the doors.”

The project — about which the housing association commissioned a film for their YouTube channel — was carried out by MAST Architects and contractors CCG (Scotland).

The school was built on land bequeathed to the Govan community and named after philanthropist Abraham Hill.

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