GO-Ahead Given To Celtic FC For New Facilities At Barrowfield

13 September, 2021 | Arts, Leisure, Entertainment and Sport

CELTIC Football Club has been given permission for a new changing facility including gym at its Glasgow East End training complex.

The single-storey modular building will be centrally located at Barrowfield, London Road and will also house a reception area, office, medical/first aid room and toilets. Changing facilities for six teams and officials would be available.

The club’s planning application has been approved by City Council officials.

A statement submitted to the council by agents Ryden, on Celtic’s behalf, explained: “The Barrowfield training ground is used mostly by the club’s youth teams for training and matches.

“The existing changing facilities are located at the north end of the training ground adjoining the car park. A footpath connects the existing facilities with the three pitches to the south.

“The proposed new changing facilities and gym are to replace these existing facilities as they no longer meet the club’s requirements.

“These new facilities will ensure modern fit-for-purpose facilities are available, meeting the requirement of Celtic FC and also importantly football governing bodies.”

Architects Holmes Miller stated: “The proposal consists of a modest, modern building set a significant distance from the main road, and within a wider recreational area.

“It will have no significant detrimental impact on either existing residents, amenity or traffic. Rather the proposal will enhance the facilities on offer at the training ground, improving health and well-being. ”

They add: “The aesthetics of the facility will be in keeping with other facilities owned by Celtic FC, with a white base and horizontal green stripes intermittently.”

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