GO-Ahead For ‘Action-Sports’ Facility With Indoor Skatepark At Empty Warehouse

2 November, 2018 | News, Arts, Leisure, Entertainment and Sport

AN indoor skatepark and training gym have been approved for an empty storage building in Port Dundas Industrial Estate.

A change-of-use application for premises at the corner of Borron Street and North Canal Bank Street was granted by Glasgow City planners.

‘The Loading Bay’ will be a 29,600-square-foot action-sports facility made up of a 6,000-square-foot reception hub, a 3,600-square-foot training gym, a 10,400-square-foot street plaza and a 9,600 square foot skatepark.

The facility, across from the Pinkston Watersports facility, will be open to all members of the public from complete beginners through to full-time professionals. It will operate as a members’ club with, in addition to the entry fee, various levels of membership, from single-day to annual, available for purchase.

Only members who are judged to be competent and able to use the features safely will be allowed past the entrance barrier and onto the skatepark floor.

The facility will be open seven days per week, 10am until 10pm and will be operated by Vision Ramp Design and Build Ltd who have a skatepark at Castlegreen Street, Dumbarton. Occupancy of the skatepark and gym will be limited to 200 at any one time.

The proposal was lodged by BIGG Regeneration which, in a partnership between Scottish Canals and the igloo Regeneration Fund, has been leading the revitalisation of vacant and derelict land and buildings along Glasgow’s canal corridors.

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