GLASGOW West End Restaurant Wants 13 Pavement Tables For Alfresco Wining And Dining

17 May, 2018 | News

GLASGOW West End restaurant Pianola want permission to have nearly 50 seats on the pavement outside their premises at 240 Crow Road.

The Italian eaterie is asking the city council to allow 12 four-seat tables and one two-seat table on the “particularly wide” footway at the corner of Crow Road and Clarence Drive.

A supporting document submitted on behalf of the restaurant states: “The existing premises have been fitted out in a contemporary and edgy style, featuring an interesting juxtaposition of materials and lighting which creates a unique and fascinating interior experience.

“It is the applicant’s wish to extend that experience to the outside space by offering an alfresco service to patrons.”

It continues: “The proposed development will introduce alfresco wining/dining on to this prominent corner location.

“It will continue a trend for outdoor seating which has developed in the area over the last few years.

“The introduction of tables and chairs at this location will allow the applicant to extend the service he provides, contribute further to the thriving community in the area, and should be supported.”

The application is pending assessment by council officials.

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