GLASGOW City Council Announce Sunday Parking Charge Start Date

20 June, 2019 | News

MOTORISTS face Sunday parking charges in Glasgow City Centre from Sunday 30 June.

Glasgow City Council say the new regulations will make on-street parking more frequently available to shoppers, visitors, tourists, blue badge holders and residents on Sundays.

The council add that improved parking regulations are known to reduce congestion and this in turn should improve air quality in the city centre.

Encouraging greater use of sustainable transport within the city centre is a key theme within the recent reports by the Connectivity Commission.
The new measures for Sunday parking are part of efforts to meet the Commission’s vision of a reformed city centre transport system.

Under the new measures, a number of taxi ranks will be extended or introduced across the city centre to provide further alternative options for people travelling to and from town.

Signage that highlights the new measures is being installed across the city centre but enforcement will not start until Sunday 30 June.

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