FULL Speed Ahead For Car Showroom At Vacant Shopping Centre Space

17 January, 2023 | News

A LUXURY electric car maker has been given permission to turn part of a former Argos store into a car showroom.

Glasgow City Council officials have agreed that Swedish company Polestar can use ground floor space at Silverburn shopping centre, Pollok.

The accommodation has been vacant since 2019.

A statement submitted to the council explained: “Polestar will use this unit to display show cars, allowing visitors to explore and learn more about the various features of the cars.

“Polestar classes these as ‘Spaces’ and likens them to visiting an art gallery where the cars are the exhibits allowing people to familiarise themselves with the cars and the brand without pressure or distraction.

The document continued: “Customers will not be able to drive purchased cars from the site, instead cars will be delivered from a separate site to customers following purchase.

“The size of the unit limits the number of display cars to three vehicles.”

Polestar have three such premises elsewhere in the UK, at London, Manchester and Solihull.

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