FORMER Glasgow Bookmakers Lined Up For Use As Restaurant

26 June, 2019 | News

RESTAURANT use is being proposed for an empty betting shop on a busy Glasgow street.

Sava Estates have applied for permission to turn premises on the corner of Dumbarton Road and Hayburn Street into an eatery with hot food takeaway.

The property has been vacant for some time and was previously occupied by a branch of Ladbrokes bookmakers.

A statement submitted with the application by Bennett Developments and Consulting argues: “The proposed development will animate this corner by introducing a quality restaurant which will wrap around both elevations.

“This will add to the range of other facilities in the area and contribute to the streetscape, particularly in the evenings and winter months when the splay of light from the full size windows will illuminate the footpath and in the process engender a feeling of safety and security which will contribute greatly to the overall feeling of well being.

“The fact that it will operate throughout a wide spectrum of the day will mean that there will be activity and an energy at this locus which will contribute to the sense of place so important in fostering community spirit and well being.”

Application documents do not give any details about what kind of restaurant it would be.

Anticipated opening hours would be Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 11pm, and Friday and Saturday 10am to midnight.

The application is pending assessment by City planners.

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