FLATS Plan For Old Glasgow Fire Station Courtyard

14 September, 2021 | Residential

PLANNERS are being asked to approve an apartment development at a former north Glasgow fire station.

The proposal by LS Homes involves developing a portion of derelict land at the southern end of the courtyard at the former North West fire station, in North Kelvinside.

The rest of the fire station in Kelbourne Street was converted to flats following its closure in the 1990s.

Five two-bedroom flats would be created plus amenity space, on the Mingarry Street side of the complex.

A “high quality, infill, new-build apartment block” is proposed along with conversion of vacant accommodation within the original building.

A statement submitted to planners argues that this will “add to the vibrancy of the existing neighbourhood whilst restoring the historic original plan form of the courtyard”.

The proposal would “establish a sense of intimacy and scale within the courtyard space that is currently overwhelmed and dominated by the scale of the neighbouring buildings”.

The application is pending consideration by Glasgow City Council.

North West fire station was built in 1940 and was replaced by the current Maryhill fire station in Maryhill Road.

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