EXTRA Convenience Sales Space Agreed For Ibrox Service Station

28 December, 2022 | Retail

AN Ibrox service station’s shop expansion plan has been approved by Glasgow planners.

GHSL Ltd applied for changes at their site at 675 Paisley Road West Permission including adding 146 square metres of convenience retail sales space, making a total of 391 square metres.

A new 110-square-metre storage building is also proposed. Soft landscaping, better pedestrian access and bike racks will also be provided.

A report by city planners states: “The retail extension is considered to be a striking addition to the host building; it is well-designed and composed of quality materials. It occupies an existing gap between the north elevation of the host building and the northern boundary of the overall site.”

A statement submitted with the planning application explained: “The concept of the proposed development is to respond to market demand by extending the sales offer of convenience retail goods (primarily fresh produce, organic and natural products; introduction of zero waste foods, vegan, organic, gluten free and free-from, similar idea to Locavore; along with a unique line of frozen drink or ‘slush’ and other hot and fresh desserts produced in-store [Tubbees]), from within the existing shop associated with the existing petrol filling station.”

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