DISCOUNT Food Chain Investing In New Building

1 October, 2021 | Retail

LIDL has applied to replace one of its ‘dated’ Glasgow outlets with a new store at the same site.

The shop at Moss Road, Govan, will be demolished and a building of similar size constructed in its place.

A design document submitted in a planning application to Glasgow City Council states: “The proposed development will replace the dated existing store with a modern, clean and contemporary store, which is considered to be in line with relevant design policy.

“The proposal will provide a significantly better quality than the existing building.

“The proposal will also meet Lidl’s operational requirements, new legislative requirements (including Deposit Return Scheme bottle store) and also provide an improved customer experience.

“Whilst it is acknowledged that the new store will have a modest uplift in net sales floorspace, it is not anticipated that trips to the site will increase significantly because of the development.”

Vehicular access will remain unchanged, off Moss Road. There will be 120 parking spaces.

The proposal is pending assessment by city planners.

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