DENNISTOUN Flats Plan Given Go-Ahead

21 August, 2018 | News, Residential

A REVISED plan for a residential development in Dennistoun has been approved despite parking concerns.

Councillors on Glasgow’s planning committee voted to allow a six-storey block of flats at the site of Dennistoun Gospel Hall’s former premises, at the corner of Finlay Drive and Armadale Street.

The application by Nixon Blue had been continued to allow planning officers to look further into the parking levels.

There will now be 15 spaces, up from the eight originally submitted but still considerably below policy guidelines.

The number of flats has been reduced from 31 to 27 but the number of bedrooms was increased.

A report by officials, who recommended approval, stated: “The internal configuration of the building has been altered to allow for space previously occupied by an internal bin store. This has provided a further two [parking] spaces. The remaining five spaces have been provided by a reduction in the rear amenity space and within an area of landscaping to the south of the site.

“The reduction in property units from 31 to 27 and the increase in parking by almost 50 per cent of the previous provision means that the proposal now has some 55 per cent overall parking provision in comparison to the 25 per cent originally proposed.

“It is considered that this increase in provision and reduction in overall number of residential units proposed shows a significant effort on the part of the applicants to address the concerns of the committee in terms of parking provision.”

The report continues: “The applicant, in order to address the concerns over residential density, has reduced the number of flats from 31 to 27. The reduction in the number of units was a result of the changing of internal configuration to allow for increased parking on site.

“However, this change in internal floorplans has further benefited the scheme by providing more family accommodation with the number of three-bedroom flats increasing from three to 18. This was a concern raised within a number of objections to the proposal. It is considered that the reduction in overall flat numbers will also aid in reducing any impact on parking.”

The revised application still attracted 65 letters of objection.

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