DENNISTOUN Drive-Thru Coffee Shop Plan Abandoned Again

9 April, 2021 | Food and Drink

A BID to develop a drive-thru coffee shop in Glasgow’s East End has been shelved for a second time.

The Starbucks had been proposed for Alexandra Parade, in the grounds of the 24-hour BP filling station between Craigpark and Lloyd Street.

Glasgow City Council’s planning committee initially delayed coming to a verdict in January saying more information was required.

The application was on the agenda again in February but was put off because it was discovered there was an error in a document showing the boundary of the development.

This meant additional properties needed to be notified about the application before it could be considered again.

But this week the applicant — The Motor Fuel Group — has withdrawn the current proposal meaning it will not be considered any further by the council.

No reason for the change of heart is given in planning documents although the application had attracted around 50 further public objections.

Concerns included increased traffic, litter, over-provision of coffee shops, inappropriate opening hours, and encouraging car use during the climate emergency.

However, city officials had been recommending approval, saying that the development complied with planning policies.

This was the second attempt to get permission for the drive-thru. The previous one, in 2019, was also withdrawn, with the fresh application addressing layout issues.

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