COUNCILLORS Urged To Approve Serviced Apartments At City Centre Pub Site

13 May, 2021 | News

PLANNING officials are recommending that permission is given for an empty Glasgow City Centre pub to be demolished and replaced with serviced apartments.

Big Top Productions have applied to knock down the old Annie Millers bar on the corner of Ropework Lane and Metropole Lane. A six-storey building with 18 apartments is proposed.

Councillors on Glasgow’s planning applications committee are due to consider the proposal on Tuesday.

Sixteen objections have been received raising concerns about there being too many flats for the site, blocked views, noise and anti-social behaviour, and traffic and parking problems.

Planners support the application. Their report to the committee states: “The applicant has suitably demonstrated the poor condition of the existing building and its removal can therefore be supported.

“The proposed replacement building is considered to be appropriate in scale, design and use of high quality materials and will make a successful contribution to its conservation area setting and the council’s placemaking objectives.

“The proposed short-stay serviced apartment use is wholly compatible with the city centre location and its management can be safeguarded though a suitably worded management plan.

“Other material considerations including representation have been considered, however these do not outweigh the proposal’s accordance with the Development Plan.”

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