COUNCIL Refuse Glasgow East End Gap Site Development

6 July, 2021 | News

PLANNERS have rejected proposals for flats and commercial units at a Tollcross gap site.

Cater Group Ltd applied to develop a four-storey building at 1042 Tollcross Road.

There were to have been six flats above a retail unit and a hot-food takeaway.

City officials refused permission for various reasons.

Their decision notice states: “The proposal fails to meet the necessary placemaking qualities in terms of inappropriate design and materiality, impact on the character of the street scene and the impact on the amenity of existing residents through loss of privacy and amenity afforded to future residents.

“The information received also fails to demonstrate the significant ground conditions could be suitably addressed.”

It continues: “The proposed hot food takeaway as part of a residential block, within close proximity of residential properties, is also contrary to the council placemaking principles.”

Other issues included:

— The takeaway would mean that the accepted level of food and drink uses within the street block had been exceeded.

— The scale and design of the commercial units compromised the level of amenity afforded to future residents.

— Lack of cycle provision for staff/visitors to the commercial units failed to encourage active travel.

A supporting statement included with the application argued: “This site has lain vacant for some considerable time and this [proposal] should be seen as an opportunity to encourage a well-considered design solution.”

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