CLYDE Gateway Move Forward With Purifier Studio Application

6 January, 2020 | Office, Listed / Historic Buildings

DESIGNS for the redevelopment of unique historic premises in Dalmarnock have been submitted for planning approval.

Regeneration initiative Clyde Gateway wants permission to convert the former gas purifier shed and adjoining meter house at Poplin Street into five separate office units. A new access road and landscaping are also part of the proposal.

Around 3,750 square metres of commercial space — creating capacity for 500 staff — would be provided within the Victorian industrial buildings which date from 1891 and were part of the Dalmarnock gasworks site. They are two of only five surviving historic buildings of heritable value within south Dalmarnock.

A statement submitted with the planning application explains: “The unique structure of the adjoining buildings offers an exciting opportunity to develop an innovative space and create a stimulating business environment.

“The office units will be targeted at creative industries, will be designed to accentuate the unique structure, providing flexible internal space.

“The design of the elevations is to enliven the surrounding streetscape and offer where possible active elevations to the urban realm.”

Each unit will include an entrance lobby, open plan office at ground floor and mezzanine level, toilet and shower/changing facilities, locker storage and break-out spaces. There will be 26 vehicle parking spaces plus bike racks.

Clyde Gateway have around £3million in place to fund creation of the first two units.

Clyde Gateway

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