CITY Centre Gardens To Be Revitalised As University’s ‘Heart Of Campus’

21 May, 2020 | News

DESIGNS to re-imagine Rottenrow Gardens and surrounding streets as an “inspirational city centre space” have been submitted for planning approval by the University of Strathclyde.

The scheme proposes public realm improvement works including provision of a covered walkway, seating and performance space, raised walkways and regrading of gardens, planting and tree works and pedestrian prioritisation of Rottenrow, North Portland Street, and Richmond Street.

Design documents state: “The proposed development is driven by a strategic ambition to provide an outstanding student experience supported by the transformation of the campus.

“The Heart of the Campus project will continue this and will specifically improve the visual appeal and biodiversity of the university’s surroundings and create an engaging campus where students will want to stay.”

The university is aiming to revitalise the gardens and surrounding streets by creating “a vibrant, green, climate-resilient, inclusive and inspirational city centre space that enhances the student experience and is accessible to all”.

A key element is improving physical accessibility and connectivity with a people-first approach offering a “superior pedestrian /cyclist experience” with restricted vehicle access and facilities and amenities such as seating, cycle hubs and covered shelters.

The gardens will be transformed to become a showcase for the “highest standards of environmental sustainability, resilience and biodiversity”.

Other aspects include a covered green walkway, better surveillance, digital connectivity, smart lighting, renewable power and increased space for events.

Care will be taken to “recognise and retain” what is of value in terms of the existing built form, art and landscape features.

The proposals are pending consideration by city planners.

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